Kura (kʊˈrɑː)

1. a traditional japanese storehouse
2. building as a place for contemplation and spiritual reflection
3. [commonly] durable buildings built from timber, stone or clay used to safely store precious items
4. (Historical Terms) belonging or relating to the class of building used for special or significant events or activities

Company Philosophy

At Kura we love design. From the very large to the very small and everything in between we are passionate about design, the process, the outcomes and the journey. Being based in the southwest of China, in a rapidly growing and evolving built environment we have been able to apply our design thinking to projects as varied as large masterplanning, TOD and landscaping projects through to education, hospitality, tourism and residential projects and through to object and Visual Identity design. Across the varied scales that the practice works our fundamental design philosophy of creating work that is sustainability for people and the planet caries through. We work closely with our clients and partners to ensure projects are delivered with quality and according to the design brief.

Company Scope

Kura Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd. was founded in March 2017 in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China. The main business scope of the firm is: architectural design, urban planning and design, interior design, landscape design, furniture design, graphic design. The design phase covers: Conceptual design, scheme design, preliminary design. Organizational structure: to the design department as the main technical department, manager room and integrated department for the Business Management department, there are 2 main designers, including registrants, covering the professional. Since its inception a total of the completion of the design project, the main performance has, successfully completed various architecture and interior design projects.

Our Team

Kamineni Pardhu [India]

M.Architecture + Urban Design
Kamineni Pardhu is a founder partner of KURA. Pardhu is an urban designer and architect with an extensive background in larger scale projects from hospitality through to education and commercial design. During his time in Italy Pardhu studied at the POLIMI design school and specialised in architecture and urban planning.
His design career has seen him work internationally from india, oman and currently, Chengdu. This varied work background has given Pardhu an international approach to design that encompasses culture, location, technology and environment.
Pardhu’s design philosophy combines modern simplicity and a focus on technology and sustainability to create architecture that relates to people across all scales of design.
He currently works on various multidisciplinary projects in China and around the world with speciality in institutional, cultural, office and hospitality design.gn.
Richard Beach is a founding partner of KURA. Richard is anEnvironmental Designer, Architect, Interior and Graphic Designer. Richard has travelled and lived extensively throughout Asia and is passionate about community, environmental and business sustainability.
As the director of a multidisciplined architectural office, Richard works on all stages of architecture and design projects as well as formulating and devising business and marketing strategies.
Unifying different disciplines and elements through this multifaceted approach to design creates a more holistic architecture that ultimately benefits people, profit and the planet.
As a founder of Chengdu based Kura Architecture and Design Consultancy Richard has overseen numerous projects over the last 3 years, from interior design to masterplanning projects, education projects to luxury retail, furniture design to skyscrapers.

Richard has been based in Chengdu, China and while his focus is on projects around China he continues to work on projects in Australia and throughout Asia.

Richard Beach [Australia]

B.Environmental Design
M.Architecture [Hons]

He Jun [China]

Business Manager
He Jun is from chengdu and has a strong background in management of architecture and interior design projects from design till execution. Hejun is Project Manager at Kura with a diverse experience on Hotel management and consulting projects. With his background and experience in the construction industry, he brings in great expertise in project management, business consultation and project coordination.

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